Storage Container Rentals

Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises

How to select the right-sized storage unit from our large fleet of containers?

In the quaint state of Maine, portable storage containers come in a variety of sizes. What we make available to homeowners, businesses, schools, hospitals, churches and other organizations is a massive inventory of key unit sizes. Why? Because the Value Dumpster Rental team of experts understands that adding square footage of storage room is often a need that arises quickly for our customers, so we never want to keep you waiting! While you can easily estimate the amount of space you are going to need to add to what you already have in your home or building, identifying the perfect size of one or more removable storage bins is best carried out with the help of experts.

We offer 5×8-foot, 5×10-foot, 7×10-foot, 10×15-foot, 10×10-foot, and 10×20-foot sizes from our perpetual inventory of high-quality, durable, reliable storage containers. No matter what your unique storage challenge may be, we have the right solution for you.

Gathering and organizing the items you need to store

This is the first step towards finding your ideal storage container. Compile the list of items you are going to store. (We’ll consider these items your inventory!) Next, gather the items in one area, such as your garage or your lawn; somewhere on the property near where we’ll be placing your storage unit. Then organize your inventory according to size and what we’ll call “container compatibility” (like boxes which can be stacked on other boxes). 

Now that this is complete, you’re ready for your quote. We recommend submitting an online request right here on our website or calling us. It is here that you’ll describe your inventory to one of our agents so we can recommend the best size of one or more units. We’ll also need to know the duration of time you’ll need to keep your new “instant square footage,” and we’ll set-up your contract at a rate that no other company can beat!