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We have a dumpster available for everybody!

Our dumpster service is open to companies and private individuals who want to dispose of all types of waste safely and on fair terms. From the handling of tons of debris at large commercial construction job sites, to supporting a small residential roof-replacement, to clearing-out old equipment and furniture for an office remodel, Value Dumpster Rental Portland has the right sizes of debris boxes in our inventory for every application.

You can conveniently rent a dumpster of your choice by getting in touch with us via a phone call or completing a quote request form right here on this website. Let us know about your requirements, and we will guide you to the identification of the most appropriate roll-off container for your project. You will be amazed to see the range of dumpsters that we have in our fleet. This sizable inventory helps us cater to all our clients and their various needs. If you are unsure how much dumpster capacity you will need to dispose of rubble or garden waste, we will be happy to advise you as an experienced service provider.

Rent a quality roll-off dumpster in just a few simple steps!

At Value Dumpster Rental Portland, we believe that renting a dumpster should never be a complicated process. That’s why we’ve provided you with the following steps to size-up the perfect roll-off trash bin for your project here:
Renting a dumpster begins with identifying the type of waste that you want to remove from your premises. Besides the type, you must also have a rough idea as to how much garbage or rubble you are expecting to generate. If you’re uncertain about this, we recommend talking with one of our expert account managers. We’ve seen thousands of projects that were aided by our dumpsters, and we can probably save you time and money. As you might imagine, having too much carrying capacity in a roll-off dumpster can be just as much of a problem as having too little, because both cause additional expense! So it’s helpful to make sure that you gather all the details that you can about your project and communicate them to one of our courteous and professional representatives. Here at Value Dumpster Rental Portland, we don’t think of ourselves as vendors; we think of ourselves as partners in the success of our customers’ projects!
Once you have discerned the type and amount of waste that you’ll be depositing into your dumpster, it’s time to move onto getting a quote from us. It’s perfectly ok to compare prices with another company if you so-desire. At Value Dumpster Rental Portland, we believe that an informed customer is a better customer! You can count on us to provide 100% transparency in terms of pricing. We pride ourselves on preventing the unhappy surprises that our competitors cause with their hidden fees. There’s a right way to do business, and there’s the other way!

Now that you’ve told us all of the details about your upcoming project, it’s time to prepare for the delivery of your dumpster. Identifying a good spot on your property where the dumpster can reside is really important. These big steel shells are heavy, and just placing them anywhere can result in the damage of your property and ours. They need to be on a firm ground, which is usually made up of concrete or asphalt. If you are looking to place the dumpster on a public street, then make sure you have got permission from your Homeowner’s Association (HOA), city, or county. Upon receiving your dumpster, make sure not to fill it higher than the sidewalls, as this can imbalance the dumpster and cause problems during transport to the landfill.

If you are unsure about how much space you need to dispose of rubble or garden waste, or what types of waste you’re renting your dumpster to handle, just give us a call. Our experts will help you find the dumpster that exactly matches your purposes.

A reputation for safety and professionalism

When you conduct business with Value Dumpster Rental Portland, you can rest assured that all aspects of quality and safety are attended-to by our driver technicians. With more than ten years of experience in the waste management business, we’ve seen just about every challenge imaginable, and some of these can puzzle a less experienced driver…causing him or her to make mistakes. We take pride in having a reputation as the safest company in the city of Portland and the surrounding communities. And just like the rest of our team, our highly-trained driver technicians relish the opportunity to respond with intelligence, professionalism, and sometimes caution to the varying needs of our valued clients. Needs such as:

Construction job site support

A large amount of waste is produced at construction job sites, and if you want to ensure the safe removal of that waste, you need a large dumpster, which is something we are happy to arrange and deploy. We have a large fleet of dumpsters from which you can choose to best meet your requirements.

Landscaping and garden waste disposal

Landscaping projects can produce a significant amount of organic waste, which can develop a foul smell if left to decompose. To avoid such a situation, you must rent a dumpster for wood and garden waste disposal. We will guide you to the right size and type of dumpster you should rent for your landscaping projects.

Home, office, commercial, and industrial cleanouts

Roll-off dumpsters come in handy for cleaning out structures, offering people and companies the opportunity to sort through old furniture and other bulky items. Similar to the disposal of many other types of waste, the size of the debris box is commonly determined by the size of the structure undergoing a project, whether that be a renovation, remodel, or upgrade. We recommend our larger waste containers to help with the dismantling of hospitals, schools, factories, facilities, offices, apartment complexes, and homes of all sizes so that large items can be accommodated.

Rent roll-off dumpsters for waste disposal

Would you like to rent roll-off dumpsters for waste disposal? Then you are in the right place, as here you can get extensive information about roll-off dumpsters, where you can apply them and their installation process.


Instructions for placing your roll-off dumpster

A roll-off dumpster must be parked on a level surface because if you choose a soft or uneven surface, then the roll-off dumpster may get off balance when you try to fill it up with waste, and it could tip over in the worst-case scenario. You need to identify a suitable place on your property for setting up the roll-off dumpster, so that you can easily access it and fill it up with the waste. We recommend accepting the advice of our experts to find out the most suitable location on your premises for parking the dumpster.

Note: Avoid parking the dumpster behind motor vehicles or under low trees.


Using public land for a roll-off container

If you want to install a roll-off dumpster on public land or public roads, then make sure you have the necessary permits from your local government body. If you decide to park it without getting a permit, then you may be penalized for it.

What Do Our Customers Say about our Dumpster Service?

Theresa Hall
Theresa Hall
17. October, 2020.
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Very friendly, timely and professional. Would highly recommend! Miguel was very clear about what could and could not go in the dumpster and was easy to reach by phone for questions and scheduling.
Elsie Weaver
Elsie Weaver
6. October, 2020.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
What a great company. The dumpster was dropped on time and picked up when promised. We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and their service.

Why Choose Us?

Value Dumpster Rental is proud to provide greater Portland with many extras that other service providers may not provide. Our comprehensive, tailor-made services are designed to help you to do the following:

  • Meet your project deadline 
  • Bring your project-in under budget for financial planning security
  • Rent dumpsters conveniently online and pay with a credit card
  • Identify the right location on your property for the successful placement of your rental bin
  • Select the right size right dumpster for your project
  • Secure the best rental terms to suit your project’s size, scope and duration.

With the help of our experienced team of professionals, renting one or more dumpsters will be a lot easier for you. We invite you to experience first-hand how a working partnership with our team can optimize your overall waste management strategy, keeping your job site hassle-free while keeping you stress-free! Call us or submit an online quote request today!

Size Matters!

Our vast inventory includes roll-off dumpsters with a filling capacity of 30 and even 40 cubic yards, and they can easily handle materials like aerated concrete, commercial waste, plastics, scrap metal, mixed waste, paper, cardboard, and bulky waste. But we don’t stop there. In order to be responsive to the specific needs of our clients, we have amassed a large inventory of dumpsters that includes smaller sizes as well. Take a look at the different sizes of containers we have and pick the one that you think would suit your project the best:

10-Yard Dumpsters:

These are entry-level units, which are mostly rented for small projects like home renovations and remodels. These can efficiently carry all types of waste materials, ensuring faster completion of various projects. Many clients rent these dumpsters for small to medium scale clean-up projects involving attics, garages, and basements.

20-Yard Dumpsters

These dumpsters carry twice the waste compared to 10-yard dumpsters, thus making them a perfect fit for bigger projects where more waste is produced. Projects like garage construction, roof installation, basement remodeling and deck removal will often require a 20-yard dumpster.

30-Yard Dumpsters:

These are big dumpsters, which are frequently used in support of commercial projects where a large amount of waste is produced every day. 30-yard trash roll-off trash containers are also used in support of home building projects, landscape and gardening projects, and major cleanup projects.

40-Yard Dumpsters

For large commercial construction projects, large industrial projects and large demolition projects, 40-yard dumpsters are great because they can accommodate large chunks of waste easily. These dumpsters are commonly utilized for removal of trees, and commercial roofing jobs where rubber roofing or asphalt shingles are generated by the thousands.

To ensure that your waste management concerns are handled by a professional company in an ecologically responsible way, stick with the professionals at Value Dumpster Rental Portland, because we’re the best in the business! We take pride in being the most trusted dumpster rental service in the city of Portland and surrounding communities, with reliable on-time delivery and pick-up. Regardless of the type and volume of waste you want to dispose of, we will help you with our amazing fleet of dumpsters. So, pick up your phone and get in touch with our experts to rent a dumpster of your choice and have it delivered to your location.

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